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I am a qualified Life Coach, Crystal Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master and Personal Trainer.

I am incredibly passionate about helping people to break down limitations that stop them living the life they want or believe they deserve. I believe that we can all be happier if we address our lives and attitudes from the inside out, with life coaching, alternative therapies and physical fitness, that’s why I set up A Fitter Life in 2011.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their personal goals both physically and mentally over the years, in turn, helping them realise their potential to achieve great things in their professional and personal lives.

From weight loss to self-confidence, identity crisis’ to motivation issues, the therapies I offer have transformed lives and helped people move forward in a more healthy and positive direction.

When I’m not working with clients, I love walking my two dogs, looking after my cheeky hens and thinking up charity events!

Lynn McBrearty - The life Coach


Diploma in Advanced Personal Training

Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP

Crystal Reiki Practitioner


Has your life got in the way of living?  

Life is hectic and with so much demanded of us, it's sometimes difficult to strike a balance of the roles we undertake for others and those that we need to do for ourselves. But the truth is, we must look after ourselves in order to look after others - being fit, motivated and in tune with your own mind and body will ensure that those around you benefit from your energy and happiness.

​Sometimes, however, our life transitions can throw us off balance without us knowing about it. Quite simply, life gets in the way of living and before you know it, you have zero time to look after your own wellbeing, then your mental and physical health starts to suffer.

As a life coach, Alternative Therapy Practitioner and PT, even I am not immune to being thrown off balance as I go through life’s transitions, but this experience enables me to help others as their experiences resonate with me and vice versa.

Life does have its ups and downs, but it’s a lot more bearable when the ups outnumber the downs, so its my job to make sure you’re focussed on creating and increasing the ups in your life.

"With motivation, support and effective coaching, you can live a life that until now, you've only dreamed of."


The first step to reaching your goals is getting in touch, then we can work together to realise and achieve what you really want from life.